Our vision is to bring HOPE and transformation to families that have endured violence, abuse or neglect.


Our mission is to EMPOWER women that have experienced violence, abuse and neglect; by increasing awareness, inspiring action, and promoting the healing of mind, body and spirit.

About us

At Seeds of Life we respect all individuals regardless of race, religion, background, gender or sexual orientation. Working together as a team, we understand our social responsibility to our community and hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and excellence.

We are blessed to have the support of partners who assist with providing assistance with housing, medical, psychological and spiritual resources. Among other resource programs readily available.

Mariam Delgado


“The Seeds of Life story begins in 2011, with one woman befriending another who was being physically abused by her husband. That human connection inspired our Founder Mariam Delgado, a woman of great passion and fierce determination, to start The Seeds of Life Foundation. 

One of Mariam’s purposes in life has been to help women reach their maximum potential, through uplifting messages, unconventional wisdom and practical development of their natural talents and gifts. 

Through The Seeds of Life Foundation, we EMPOWER women to take brave steps towards healthy relationships and self-love, we PROTECT their right to educate and excel by providing them the resources to do so, and we DEVELOP their character and skills, resulting in a brighter tomorrow for them and their families.

Mariam Delgado

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“Do more than belong, participate. Do more than care, help.” – William Arthur Ward

Host a Fundraising Event

“Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving” – Dr. Henry Rosso


“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” – Vincent Van Gogh

Youth Educational Assistance Fund

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Plant a Seed

“Giving is a lot more than making a donation, it’s  about making a difference.” – Kathy Calvin

Our Partners

Seeds of Life Foundation’s ability to bring hope to women and their children in our city is made possible thanks to generous donations made by our partners. By joining us, you are standing on the front line against domestic violence and sexual exploitation in Miami. Our success lies in delivering a hope that will empower these women to keep fighting through the resources and services that your donations support. 

Consider partnering with us financially and together we can wage war and bring hope that will strengthen them for the journey ahead. 



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