The Seeds of Life Foundation programs offer a variety of services, assisting women in the step-by-step process of healing and restoration, from Crisis Intervention to Educational Assistance for young women aging out of the Foster Care System. Seeds of Life is committed to seeing families restored and communities transformed; eradicating the effects of violence, abuse and neglect for all generations to follow.

First Steps

Taking the first step towards major change is hard to do, that is why planning is particularly important to ensure success. Planning infuses courage to take the first step, while also giving us hope for the future. If you or someone you love are in crisis due to domestic violence or abuse, or if you are aging out of the Florida Foster Care system and have no resources to rely on; you are not alone.

Our First Steps Program can help you organize your thoughts and take initial steps towards change through active listening and resource advocacy. We can also connect you to our Programs and suggest multiple resources based on your individual needs.

Celebrate Life

The primary purpose of our Celebrate Life Program is to connect, support and build lasting relationships with women that have experienced domestic violence, abuse or neglect; while they are still residing in temporary or transitional housing.

Through regular gatherings involving family activities and Holiday celebrations at local Orphanages and Domestic Violence Shelters; our Seeds of Life volunteers personally connect and build trust with the women and children most affected by the trauma and uncertainty they face. Once families relocate to transitional or permanent housing, we host house-warming parties, and celebrate special occasions and milestones with them.

Some of our annual activities include:

  • Valentine’s Day Serenade
  • Mother’s Day Brunch
  • Back to School Book Bag Give-Away
  • “Christmas is a Gift” Toy Give-Away
  • Monthly Birthday Parties
  • Family Game Nights


The Seeds of Life Empowerment Program is one of the most impactful programs we offer. Through it, we provide a variety of services focused on empowering women in every aspect of their lives. The goal is for every woman to achieve mental, emotional and spiritual stability; and acquire the knowledge and skill-set required to succeed beyond what she believes possible. This Program has seen hundreds of women healed, restored and equipped to transform themselves, their families and our communities.

Some of our services include:

  • Financial Literacy Training
  • Healthy Relationships Course
  • Life Skills Training
  • Vocational Training
  • Mentoring
  • Survivor Faith Groups

Home Sweet Home

The Home Sweet Home Program supports women moving into transitional or permanent housing by helping stock their new home with needed furniture, household essentials; and helping with basic home repairs or improvement projects. 

Often times, when a woman and her children move into transitional housing, they bring very little with them. The basic necessities of a home, such as pots and pans to cook a healthy meal, or plates and silverware, towels or bedding; are unaffordable. Many families place a mattress on the floor or sleep on donated sofas because they don’t have the funds to spend on a proper bed.  

This Seeds of Life Program focuses on the details that transform a house into a home – a stocked refrigerator and pantry, housewares that make a kitchen and bathroom functional; bath curtains and towels, fresh new sheets and comfortable pillows to rest in, or a dining table and chairs to make family dinners possible.  

Most of us take those things for granted, but it is those very things that mean the world to these families.

Please help us transform houses into homes for these families, your donations make it possible. Donate by clicking here

If you need help as you transition into permanent housing, and are a Domestic Violence Shelter or have aged out of the Foster Care System, contact us clicking below. 


The Seeds of Life Awareness Program is focused on educating others about the devastating impact of Domestic Violence and the vulnerability of youth aging out of our Foster Care System. We do this by offering seminars and workshops at local schools, shelters and orphanages; and partnering with like-minded non-profits who help bring awareness and practical solutions to this cause. This Program also reaches out to local Businesses, College Campuses and Faith Organizations, sharing insight on ways to detect and handle domestic violence. Abuse of any kind thrives in darkness and secrecy, our Awareness Program is meant to bring light into this darkness.

The goal of this Program is to change the way society thinks, talks and responds to domestic violence, abuse and neglect. Our initiatives include:

Healthy Relationships = Healthy Communities

This work-shop engages youth and adults to learn more about healthy and unhealthy relationships and to become active advocates in domestic violence prevention. The course helps to build skills for healthy relationships and identify warning signs of domestic violence, abuse or neglect.

V-Aware: Community Dialogue

Often, the first people who become aware of abusive relationships are family, friends, co-workers and neighbors. We invite people to gather in informal spaces (living rooms, cafes, parks) to talk about domestic violence prevention and the dangers facing youth aging out of our Foster Care system. We plan events to bring awareness to these difficult to talk about topics. In many of our gatherings, a survivor will share their experience, and an advocate will share relevant information to help us all recognize and act to end the effects of domestic violence, abuse and neglect within our communities.


The Seeds of Life Foundation Youth Educational Assistance Fund is designated for youth aging out of the Foster Care System. Aging out is the process that occurs when youth must leave the Foster Care System because they were never adopted and are too old to stay in care. In most states, that age is 18 years of age, as they are considered adults. 

The statistics are devastating:

After reaching the age of 18, 26% will become instantly homeless.

Within the first 3 years of aging out:

  • 10% Commit Suicide
  • 13% are in Prison
  • 70% of Girls will become pregnant out of marriage
  • 25% will not finish High School
  • 97% will not earn a College degree, even though 70% express wanting to attend College someday.

By age 26, only three to four percent of youth who aged out of foster care earn a College degree, even though a staggering 70%+ of Foster kids say they would like to attend College someday.

This program helps youth that have endured domestic violence, abuse or neglect and have limited resources to achieve their dream of higher education. The Seeds of Life Youth Educational Assistance Fund supports the pursuit of a career or vocation of their choice, helping to equip them for a brighter future ahead.


Be part of our extraordinary volunteers that impact the lives of hundreds of women each month.